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Andrew McClain
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What's up, guys? I'm Andrew McClain, and this is my deviantART page. I do original stuff, graphic design, and even some MLP fan art. So check out my gallery if you got the time. :)
You guys may have noticed that on Saturday, I posted the start of what will be an ongoing series of comics set in the Equestria Girls universe.

What? You haven't? We-he-ell, that's just silly!

Equestrian City - Issue 0, cover by DrewdiniEquestrian City - Issue 0, page 1 by Drewdini
here they are, in case you missed them

Now you guys probably have a lot of questions as far as just what Equestrian City is and what you can come to expect as the series goes on, so allow me to take a minute and answer that as best as I can at 4 in the morning. :XD:

Equestrian City is planned to be an ongoing series of comics set in a world created by DarkMalcontent, where the events of Rainbow Rocks played out a little bit differently than they did in the movie, thus spawning a strange new world of superheroes and supervillains vying for control over the titular Equestrian City. Besides Issue 0 outlining just where things went wrong, most issues are going to be set 5-10 years after the "Splitting Decision" (I could be wrong on the exact timeframe there, but you get the idea), and will feature all your favorite heroes from the Equestria Girls series moving to the city and learning to use their newfound superpowers (how they get those will be revealed in issue 0 ;)), as well as a myriad of brand new characters either written specifically for this series or re-tooled from their given source material.

One thing to note about this series is that it's definitely going to have a much darker, much more adult tone than the Equestria Girls movies did. Being set so many years into the girls' adult lives and knowing exactly what the target audience is expected to be, this will definitely be a series that explores much more mature themes than the movies ever would or likely even could. That said, I come from a kid-friendly background where villains always said "destroy" instead of "kill" and used guns that fired stun lasers instead of actual bullets, and DarkMalcontent has been so awesome in allowing me to put my own creative spin on the project, thus "reigning in" some of the more mature themes. Hopefully, this will spawn something that's a bit more general-audience, but I'd still give it a "T" or "PG-13" rating if I was on the ESRB or MPAA. So just... bear that in mind going into it.

As far as an official release schedule, we're looking at trying to get pages cranked out every two weeks, so let's say every other Saturday morning is the goal. After we get five pages up, we'll be hitting up Equestria Daily for a spotlight, but if you guys are excited about the series, definitely tell your friends about it! And if you wanna know more about the project, you can hit up DarkMalcontent here on deviantART, the official dA group EquestrianCity, the official website, or the official Equestrian City wiki.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this series as much as we enjoy creating it! :D


Some big changes coming up, y'guys. They might not look good on the outside, but... yaknow... things come around.

Anyway, be looking out for those in the next... several weeks-to-months. :XD:
AwkwardTeenMORT! by Drewdini

Just a quick reminder that I do actually do original stuff... sometimes... maybe. :XD:

Dunno why, Alomoria but I thought of you while I was drawing this. Thought you'd like it. :) 
Decided to take on the Pokemon Nuzlocke challenge, starting with Pokemon (Leaf)Green Version. Might upload my progress with little in-character journal entries or something. You guys let me know if that's something you'd be interested in seeing. :)
Team Rocket in FR/LG - fake screenshot by Drewdini
I think I'll start using this status thing to post pieces I've created but I feel aren't up to "par" for the level of quality I want to maintain in my gallery. Here's the first.

Bases for Team Rocket sprites shamelessly stolen from Ls-Mercernary. Sorry, brah. ^^;
Now that I've actually started uploading pages for Equestrian City, the butterflies are going nuts! On the one hand, I look forward to this being a totally real, totally awesome thing! On the other, a small part of me's hoping I've got the grit and determination to keep updates as regular as possible.

Given a bit of moral support from you awesome people, I think we can make it. Let's do this! :D

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