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Behold! My latest works! LOVE THEM!!!

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Andrew McClain
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United States
What's up, guys? I'm Andrew McClain, and this is my deviantART page. I do original stuff, graphic design, and even some MLP fan art. So check out my gallery if you got the time. :)
Stop me if you've heard this one before.
This guy walks into a bar to make a deal with The Mob. His wife is pregnant with their first child, and his paycheck as a stand-up comedian just isn't footing the bill. He's desperate for some spare cash, but when he gets to the table, he decides he's having second thoughts. The Mob though, has seen this all before and is very reassuring when they talk to him -- so much so, that they've eased his worry so much, they actually convince him to wear a red pill on his head and a metaphorical target on his back.
See, the gang wants to hit this bank, and the best way to get to it is through this old chemical plant. And the guy, he knows the chemical plant because he used to work there. So he and the mob break into the place one night after it's closed, and his vision is so distorted by the helmet that he can't properly guide The Mob safely to the exit on the opposite end of the building. Soon enough, security shows up and winds up mowing down the frantic mobsters, all except for this one guy.
His cowardice, you see, kicked in just before the other guys', so he was able to make a decent break for it before bullets started flying. But what the guy doesn't know is security's called in backup -- a giant, trained bat the size of a man. It's said that to look into the eyes of this "bat-man" is to know true terror. And to make it worse, the helmet -- which is stuck on the guy's head -- warps the bat's face even further, scaring the living daylights out of him.
So it's the guy and the bat, right? They're on a catwalk about twenty feet above these huge vats of chemicals. The guy's slowly backing up, trying to escape, but the bat keeps pursuing. Soon enough, the guy feels a bump against his back -- the old, rusty railing. Now the bat's gaining ground on the guy, and he panics. And all he can think to do is press himself against the railing, praying that the bat will decide he's not a threat and be on its merry way.
But just before that happens, the railing gives way, and the man goes sprawling into the toxic chemicals below. And to make a long story short, he survives -- but only physically. That one bad day turned the guy into an absolute, raving lunatic.
The moral of the story being you shouldn't trust what you eat. I hear they use toxic chemicals to make nuts!
Joker Laugh :iconhplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletterhplz::iconletteraplz::iconletter-hplz::iconaplz::iconexclamationplz:
But seriously though, you guys have no idea how excited I am right now.

:iconanon-plz::iconsaysplz: Why are you so excited?

I'm glad you asked. I alluded to it in that "joke" up there, but just in case you didn't get the memo...

Here's a shiny YouTube-y thing.

The greatest graphic novel ever, and they're finally doing an animated film of it, AND they're using the greatest Joker ever. Squeee! :la:



You guys seen Zootopia yet?

It's a good'n. I'm even working on a piece of fanart for it right now. Think Zootopia's Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde meets Fallout 4's Sole Survivor and R. J. MacCready.
Brain: "Hey, remember an hour ago when I said, 'You should probably go to bed,' and you said, 'That's a good idea'? What happened to that?"

Me: I have a problem... :O_o:
Anybody here seen Firefly?
Yeah, yeah... I know. I'm late for the bus on that fandom. But I'm an episode away from the last one ever produced, and I just gotta say...

That's a good gorram show! :D
Just one of those days...
I want to do everything, yet I do nothing.

... Screw you, internet connection.
Artist's block is bad.
Artist's block while working on a commission is the. Worst. Possible. THING!

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