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Andrew McClain
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United States
What's up, guys? I'm Andrew McClain, and this is my deviantART page. I do original stuff, graphic design, and even some MLP fan art. So check out my gallery if you got the time. :)
EDIT: Further developments! Turns out the power jack in my laptop has finally gotten to where I have to hold the cord in place if I want it to charge. And with my now-2-hour battery life on the thing, it's looking like it's finally time to make preparations for an upgrade. Meantime, all art projects are gonnabe on hold. Until I get everything backed up and moved over to a new PC (which I'll have to purchase), there's not gonna be any way I can hope to finish anything on this old, tired machine. So, let the hiatus begin... I guess.

So hey, guys. Been a while, since I don't have internet access at the summer camp at which I'm working. I've enjoyed the job, though, and I feel God's using the experience to teach me a lot about myself. (Yep. Still a Christian.)

For one thing, I've noticed deviantART and tumblr. and all these websites I would visit when I wasn't doing anything were really consuming my life. After just a week of being away, I'd come back to at least 150 messages in my deviantWATCH inbox and who knows how many tumblr. posts on my dashboard to slog through. I don't even want to think how far behind I've gotten on YouTube. So, all that in mind, I've decided not to shut down any of my accounts on here or there or wherever (except maybe YouTube. That site's been nothing but a waste of time for me.), but to clean up and clear out the people I was watching or following so that their messages wouldn't clog my inboxes and consume so much of my time.

I know a lot of you I've been pretty friendly with, and with some, I'd like to think we've become pretty good friends. So I hope none of you take this personally in any way. I still love your art, your style, your humor... whatever it was that caused me to watch you in the first place... and I would love to continue keeping up with what you're doing, but right now that's just not realistic for me. It's become too much to keep up with without serious dedication, and I've decided I don't need to be giving that to deviantART anymore. There's much more productive uses of my time I could be dedicating my hours to, and sitting around for hours on end, trying to click through every devWATCH message I have doesn't make that list. What I'm trying to say is it's nothing against you at all; it's just taking time away from deviantART and the internet and investing it in what matters most -- my art, my life, and my faith.

Hoo, boy.

And now for the good news! I'm still drawing and coloring art, and I'm working Über-hard to get a particular piece done and uploaded for the Fourth of July. After that, I've got a few other projects in the pipeline. The time away from my computer has freed me up to do more drawing in my sketchpad (who woulda guessed?), so I've got a few sketches done that are ready to be scanned, colored and uploaded. I've also got stuff I've been working on coloring on my laptop for awhile now, and I estimate that at least the biggest thing should be done by eh... end of August?

Anyway, I'm still gonnabe pumping out art, and I'll still talk to you guys if you want to get chatty (please do!). Aaaaand if there's a piece of art you think I'd really enjoy, go ahead and shoot me a message about it or mention me in a comment. I'll be sure to give it a look.

I'm not going away. I'm just reprioritizing my time. See you guys soon. :)

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