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October 18, 2011
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(TWILIGHT SRPARKLE reading a book outside that restaurant in Ponyville. LILLY runs in from left, frantic)

LILLY: Hey, everypony! The last shipment of Trixie's Miracle Elixir just pulled into town!

(TWILIGHT looks up from book as a herd of ponies rushes by her, carrying her along with them as they pass.)

(Within the crowd. TWILIGHT is riding awkwardly on BON BON's back as BON BON rushes along with the rest of the crowd. In the background, a pony has one foreleg extended to hold another pony back.)

TWILIGHT: What's going on? What's all the commotion about?

BON BON (not making eye contact): Haven't you heard? It's Trixie's Miracle Elixir! It can do anything.

(LYRA runs in from right and slams into BON BON, attempting to knock her off course. TWILGHT loses balance and flops over, now lying across both LYRA's and BON BON's backs. In the background, the pony being held back pulls his/her head back, mouth agape.)

LYRA: It can do everything!

(As LYRA and BON BON explain, they press their foreheads together, aggressively trying to steer each other off course. In the background, the pony being held back bites the other pony in the arm. The bitten pony releases a yelp. TWILIGHT looks back at the background ponies.)

BON BON (Glaring at LYRA): But apparently they halted production this morning.

TWILIGHT (Looks back from looking at the background ponies): Halted?

LYRA (Glaring at BON BON): Yeah. Something about the unethical way Trixie makes the stuff.

BON BON: The point is, this is the last shipment of Trixie's Miracle Elixir that will ever show up in Ponyville.

BON BON and LYRA (to each other): And I'm not letting you get any before I do!

All the ponies are rushing towards the North gate, where a delivery truck is parked. Just before the ponies get to the truck, DERPY HOOVES intervenes, forelegs spread wide to establish a wall between the mob and the truck. She wears a serious expression.)

DERPY: Ponies! Sisters… Look at yourselves. Violence and mobbing over what—an elixir that nopony really even knows what it does? Is this what we've resorted to? Is this what we've become? What happened to the love, the kindness, and the general respect for your fellow pony? I, for one, am appalled. This isn't the Ponyville I know—the Ponyville I've come to love. The Ponyville I know would turn away from anything that even threatened to separate its people. The Ponyville I know would band together against such threats to friendship, not embrace them. But you ponies, you have embraced this separation. You have chosen to selfishly cling to this little vial, and I've watched in shock as it's torn us all apart! Come to your senses, sisters, and join me in removing this abomination from our fair city!

TWILIGHT (among crowd. Deeply moved): Derpy, that was beautif—

DERPY (cutting her off. Hangs hoof over head and pulls nose up, accentuating nostrils):  Look! I'm a pig! Brawk brawk brawk!

TWILIGHT (dry): And now it's gone…
I think Derpy has her moments.
Momentarily anway. ;)

I'm planning on--if I learn how to animate--adding this to my list of animations to make.

But you guys could do that too, provided you credit me. ;)

EDIT: Added more pre-Derpy stuff to explain the elixir thing. I really wanted to focus on the speech, though, so I hope all this intro stuff doesn't detract from it. ^^;
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pinkiestar May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
LOL! "bwrawrk bwawrk bwawrk"
hahah omg so cute ^.^

but pinkie is still best pony
Drewdini Oct 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
No debate there.
Even though I find Rainbow Dash to be the best, we all have our favorites. :)
hahaha XD ya true
Is this part of a larger work?
Drewdini Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Depends on what you mean by "larger work."

I'm thinking about maybe animating it, thus making it a "larger work," but the scene itself is just a one-shot thing, like a skit or something, so in that sense, it's not part of a "larger work."

So, like I said, depends on your definition of "larger work." ^^;
Ahh okay. I kinda didn't get it.
Drewdini Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That's cool.

So, yeah.
The scene itself will have nothing more added to it, keeping it as a standalone skit.
If I animate it, it will become an animated standalone skit.
If not, well, it's a nice piece of writing anyway. ^^;
It's pretty good, if kinda hard to understand. I like the "pig" bit.
Drewdini Oct 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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