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Hey, all you fantastic watcher peoples!

What have I been up to, you ask? You didn't ask, you say? This is starting to get annoying, you grumble?


Besides uploading new art pieces this week like it was going out of style (I've since realized that my suspicions were false, and it's not going out of style. You can expect the regular upload rate starting now.), I just spent the last... two or three hours looking through PsychoDuck21's gallery.

Have you heard of Psychoduck21? You have? Well, I'm obviously not talking to you, then.

Have you heard of Psychoduck21? You HAVEN'T?! Well, let me go and tell you a thing or two! Imagine every single character from My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. Every one of them. Including her. And him. Yes, even that guy. Now, take all those hundreds of characters you just imagined, and slap the beautiful face of Squidward Tentacles right onto their pony bodies!

Is it fantastic? Is it stupid? Is it stupidly fantastic?

Yes. Yes, it is. Go hit up his gallery, and behold for yourself the glory that is... My Little Squidward: Friendship is Tentacles!

As for me, I think this is a good sign that I need to get some sleep. ._.
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(also gonna start updating journals more regularly again.)

I'm not Premium (or Core, or Preferred, or whatever they're calling it now), so I can't do polls whenever I need you guys -- my belovely watchers -- to help me make important decisions that could ultimately change the course of human history as we know it!

...or just determine how I'll approach some little things. :cough:

Anyway, my question I wish to pose to you guys is please give me a free core membershiphow should I approach posting character art in my gallery?

Character art -- or pinups, as they're known in the biz -- are different from most of my other art in that they're not meant to show off a scene, tell a joke, or offer a peek into a larger, more cohesive yet less existent story. Character art, as I use it, is meant only to show off character designs I've come up with or character concepts I've been able to breathe life into. As such, there's really not often a particular background that comes to mind when I'm creating them -- and in the case of some pieces in my gallery, none exists at all.

There are exceptions as there are to every rule, but I bring this up here and now because I have a character art piece or two sitting on my computer entirely complete except for the lack of a background. Being that I'm really quite proud of how these pieces turned out, I don't want to just throw them into "Art Project Limbo" where they may or may never see the light of day again. On the other hand, they feel kind of naked and incomplete without me slapping a background onto them, but when it comes to backgrounds for these things, my brain fizzes out, and all I can come up with is, "Do a single color, but put a gradient on it!"

Yeah. Thanks, brain.

Anyway, my ultimate question to you guys is this: do character art pieces need a background to be considered "complete", or would you guys not care if maybe I uploaded a few that were kind of... barren in the background department? The point is to show off the character, right?

Right... ?
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Sounds like a tagline to a violent action movie...

I'd watch it.

SO! You guys remember how I said I'd be uploading more art more consistently now?

You guys know how that was a month ago, and in that time, I've submitted two things?

Yeeeeaaaahhhh..... ^^;

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why that -- actually probably only a small handful of you are actually, actively wondering why that is, but my nervous nature demands that I believe otherwise. So yes, why have I forsaken you, let you all down and failed to keep a promise, disappointing you, my parents, everyone I've ever known, and the People's Republic of China (cause they don't have enough problems...)? To answer that question, I have only two words.

Fallout 4.

For those of you who have played the game or know enough about it, you'll find this an acceptable excuse. It's really hard to anything when you've got a copy of Fallout 4 on your hands. For those that haven't or don't, well... you probably still hate me (probably not, but again, nervous nature... plus exaggeration for comedy). But just let me say here and now that whether or not it counts as a valid excuse, Fallout 4 is an absolutely fantastic game, and you all need to play it if you're not already.

But more to the point of my movie tagline I used for a journal title, I wanted to tell you guys the GOOD news. The news that will circumvent the effects of days spent playing Fallout 4 and hopefully get me back on track to uploading art again (one would hope...). The news that is so good you'll probably (though not likely) jump out of your desk chairs in sheer, unbridled joy, but not so good that you'll give birth to a beautiful baby boy upon reading it (don't want to be the cause of US overpopulation, after all. ^^;)

The news, which I'm stalling to get to while I try to find a way to put it interestingly, is that I have a new job -- a guard job that's got me working nights.

Now, I know what you're gonna say, "But Drewdini, what does that have to do with your art output? Surely it'll just make you less able to do the arts because you'll either be playing Fallout or be too tired to do anything, let alone art." And in any other case, you'd be right. But given my two nights of experience with it so far, plus what everyone who's worked that position or knows enough about it can and has told me, it's a guard job where not a lot happens... like at all.

In fact, every one of my higher-ups has told me during the hiring process that my best bet is to bring something with me to keep me awake. Me being me, I decided it'd be my laptop. That way, I can work on art projects the two nights I work every week, then during days the rest of the week, I can upload what I've done and play Fallout 4!

It really is a best-case scenario. :D

SO! :iconletter-tplz::iconletter-lplz::iconletter-dplz::iconletter-rplz::iconcolonplz:
Fallout 4 is fun. Play it. I have a boring job, so the hope is I'll be using it to up my art output. Hopefully.
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Sounds like a tagline to a violent action movie...

I'd watch it.

SO! You guys remember how I said I'd be uploading more art more consistently now?

You guys know how that was a month ago, and in that time, I've submitted two things?

Yeeeeaaaahhhh..... ^^;

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why that -- actually probably only a small handful of you are actually, actively wondering why that is, but my nervous nature demands that I believe otherwise. So yes, why have I forsaken you, let you all down and failed to keep a promise, disappointing you, my parents, everyone I've ever known, and the People's Republic of China (cause they don't have enough problems...)? To answer that question, I have only two words.

Fallout 4.

For those of you who have played the game or know enough about it, you'll find this an acceptable excuse. It's really hard to anything when you've got a copy of Fallout 4 on your hands. For those that haven't or don't, well... you probably still hate me (probably not, but again, nervous nature... plus exaggeration for comedy). But just let me say here and now that whether or not it counts as a valid excuse, Fallout 4 is an absolutely fantastic game, and you all need to play it if you're not already.

But more to the point of my movie tagline I used for a journal title, I wanted to tell you guys the GOOD news. The news that will circumvent the effects of days spent playing Fallout 4 and hopefully get me back on track to uploading art again. :iconhalleluyahplz:
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What's up, guys? It's been a longlonglonglong long time since I've had a computer I could use to not only access deviantART on a daily basis, but also to scan in and color some of the art I've drawn up.

It's been so long, in fact, that I have a whole stack and multiple sketchbook pages of drawrings I've done while I waited to find another reliable means of finishing and uploading them, so expect a pretty consistent flow of art out of me for the next couple weeks or so.

Man, it feels good to be back! What have you guys been up to?
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Wow. Haven't posted since Christmas? Time to clear the spiderwebs out of here and get to doing again!

What's up, everypeoples? I'ma Drewdini, and for those of you who didn't already know that cuz you just started watching, thanks for tuning in. Beverages will be served as soon as I get around to it. In the meantime, feel free to mingle, meet and greet, and check out my gallery or something.

Alright, so. There were a few reasons I haven't posted in a while, but one of the biggest is my laptop. (Yes, I know. It's always my laptop, isn't it?) Let me break down exactly what the little lappy is going through for those of you who aren't in the know. Long time ago, I used to have problems with the power cord, always fighting with it to keep it in the jack and keep the charge a-flowing. I had it in fairly operable order for a while, but eventually, it decided it couldn't take it anymore, and my laptop lay dead in my room for somewhere near six months. Fast-forward to about a month ago, and I get the brilliant idea to buy an external battery charger. It didn't work, cuz the old battery was dead. So I bought a new battery.

Long story made slightly shorter, I have my laptop back in operable order, but I can only use it for a few hours at a time before I have to take out the battery and charge it back up. So I'm working on stuff, but it's just a bit slower now than it used to be.

Anyway, all that aside, I notice the VIP Catalogue is very nearly filled up. I've got at least one entry complete for each pony, and some ponies even have both entries done. Again, if ye don't know, the VIP (or Very Important Pony) Catalogue is a collection of traces I make from the show of various ponies. The ponies I'd chosen for it were just the Mane Six and the CMC, but I leave the Catalogue open to suggestions from my watchers for ponies they want to see traced.

But even with the suggestions I've gotten so far, the Catalogue is very near to completion. Watchers, I say we can't have that! So starting now, I'm sending a call out for more suggestions for ponies to be added to the VIP Catalogue. Check out the gallery folder and see if your favorite pony is on the list. If not, tell me! Make a suggestion! As long as it's a pony that appears in the show, I'll add it to the list.

Let's keep this thing going, guys. :D
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Alright, so Christmas is officially over, and it was a fun one for me. Hope you guys had as good a time yourselves, and if you're still celebrating holidays, good on ya! Keep the party going! :D

So what's to come for the rest of this year and the one to follow? Well, you guys all know me. I'm always working on something. I've got a few projects in the pipes.

Stay tuned, folks. ;)
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So hey, guys. Been awhile since I uploaded something of the journal variety (whoops), and I just realize I didn't draw up anything to celebrate the season as I'd probably planned to at some point (whoops again). Guess it kind of just got pushed to the wayside til I forgot about it like the Halloween piece I was going to upload this year (whoops AGAIN. Seriously, why are you guys still watching me at this point? :XD:).

But this is not a time to dwell on my shortcomings (so stoppit!); this is a time to be happy! :xmas::dance::santa: Christmas is the most sacred time of the year... to the point that in World War II (one of the biggest wars of the 1940's ;P), soldiers from both sides of the battlefield stopped fighting and put down their rifles to spend a single night exchanging gifts and goodwill in the no-man's land between the trenches they once occupied and would go back to occupying again in the morning (that may actually be a myth, but man, does it sound good!). No matter what you believe about the reason for the season -- the birth of the Son of God, a log of Yule, or just because everyone else is doing it -- the fact remains that this time of year is known -- almost worldwide -- as a period of peace and goodwill toward men.

So whether you're spending Christmas with family or your greatest enemy, whether you're exchanging gifts from the heart or just spending time in the same building as one another, whether you even celebrate Christmas or you're more a Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Solstice Sun type of person, whether you're white or black, short or fat, young or old, male or female, human or otherwise, or any of the other things I failed to mention, happy holidays to you!

I hope you have at least one night of peace this week, a night where you can look at your neighbor and greet them with a heartfelt "Happy *holiday*!" of your own or share one with yourself in sweet solitude.

Whatever your preference, Merry Christmas from me. And have a good night. :)
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So looks like this is it for my old laptop, officially now. The power cord's gotten to the point where nothing I do can get a charge out of it, and the jack? Pun only partially intended, but that's jacked up!

So, that break I said before I was taking from uploading art, that's even more true now than it was in my last journal post. I think that besides maybe one backlogged piece, that Scootaloo VIP piece was the last thing I'll be uploading for a while.

I'monna try now to start saving up for a desktop, so stick with me guys. I'll be gone a while, but not forever. :blushes:
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EDIT: Further developments! Turns out the power jack in my laptop has finally gotten to where I have to hold the cord in place if I want it to charge. And with my now-2-hour battery life on the thing, it's looking like it's finally time to make preparations for an upgrade. Meantime, all art projects are gonnabe on hold. Until I get everything backed up and moved over to a new PC (which I'll have to purchase), there's not gonna be any way I can hope to finish anything on this old, tired machine. So, let the hiatus begin... I guess.

So hey, guys. Been a while, since I don't have internet access at the summer camp at which I'm working. I've enjoyed the job, though, and I feel God's using the experience to teach me a lot about myself. (Yep. Still a Christian.)

For one thing, I've noticed deviantART and tumblr. and all these websites I would visit when I wasn't doing anything were really consuming my life. After just a week of being away, I'd come back to at least 150 messages in my deviantWATCH inbox and who knows how many tumblr. posts on my dashboard to slog through. I don't even want to think how far behind I've gotten on YouTube. So, all that in mind, I've decided not to shut down any of my accounts on here or there or wherever (except maybe YouTube. That site's been nothing but a waste of time for me.), but to clean up and clear out the people I was watching or following so that their messages wouldn't clog my inboxes and consume so much of my time.

I know a lot of you I've been pretty friendly with, and with some, I'd like to think we've become pretty good friends. So I hope none of you take this personally in any way. I still love your art, your style, your humor... whatever it was that caused me to watch you in the first place... and I would love to continue keeping up with what you're doing, but right now that's just not realistic for me. It's become too much to keep up with without serious dedication, and I've decided I don't need to be giving that to deviantART anymore. There's much more productive uses of my time I could be dedicating my hours to, and sitting around for hours on end, trying to click through every devWATCH message I have doesn't make that list. What I'm trying to say is it's nothing against you at all; it's just taking time away from deviantART and the internet and investing it in what matters most -- my art, my life, and my faith.

Hoo, boy.

And now for the good news! I'm still drawing and coloring art, and I'm working Über-hard to get a particular piece done and uploaded for the Fourth of July. After that, I've got a few other projects in the pipeline. The time away from my computer has freed me up to do more drawing in my sketchpad (who woulda guessed?), so I've got a few sketches done that are ready to be scanned, colored and uploaded. I've also got stuff I've been working on coloring on my laptop for awhile now, and I estimate that at least the biggest thing should be done by eh... end of August?

Anyway, I'm still gonnabe pumping out art, and I'll still talk to you guys if you want to get chatty (please do!). Aaaaand if there's a piece of art you think I'd really enjoy, go ahead and shoot me a message about it or mention me in a comment. I'll be sure to give it a look.

I'm not going away. I'm just reprioritizing my time. See you guys soon. :)

EDIT: Related
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Hey guys, it'd take forever to thank every one of you for all the birthday wishes, llama badges and even giftarts! So I just thought I'd pop up this journal entry to cover my bases by saying, "Thank you, everyone who sent me birthday wishes, llama badges or giftart, for sending me birthday wishes, llama badges or giftart!"

Let's look at somma the giftarts, shall we?
Happy Birthday Drew! by sinker-industries MORT! fanart by :iconsinker-industries:
Spear Mint (one of my mostly-secret OCs ;)) by :iconric-m:

Thanks, yous guys! You're all completely awesome. :D
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So hey. I got a job at a place and am gonna be moving to the town around that place so I can work at that place without paying so much in gas or time to get to that place.

Yep. I'm starting work at NOVO1, doing call center stuff for people whose health insurance comes through the Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Since it's a national company, I could be talking to anyone from in my backyard in Dallas, Tx (not literally my back yard) all the way to folks from upstate Maine or Oregon (or is it Wasington? As a born-and-raised Northwesterner, I am ashamed that I can never keep straight which one is on top.). Generally, I'll be kind and polite with both the people who just want to authorize a prescription to the folks that are so irritated because this is the third time they called and they still haven't gotten helped.

Yes, there may be some yelling on their end, but what they don't know is I'm gonna be getting paid a minimum of $10 an hour full-time, and I feel that is sufficient incentive to remain calm during their ravings.

As for moving, I actually don't have an apartment or house in the area juuuuust yet. The plan right now is my cousin and I (cuz he got the job too) are gonna move into a campsite for a few weeks, since it's generally pretty low-cost, save up one or two paychecks, and find an apartment in a decent location. Is it a long shot? Sort of. But I think it could really work. :)

So art's probably not gonna be any slower than it already is. I'll probably work on it when I get home from work at least once a week. As far as that goes, I've got a few buns in the oven that I'm super excited about finishing and sharing with you guys (one of them being a collab with the super-talented and always amazing :iconric-m:, but you didn't hear that from me. ;P)

So... yeah. Good things on the horizon. Stay tunes.
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Credits to this guy for the original vector.

EDIT: Now on Cheezburger!
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Like, exactly 32 days from now.

Just... :cough::cough:bringing it to everyone's attention...

Also, covering up that last journal entry that was full of whine.
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*Probably gonnabe some whining ahead*

Following the hostile takeover thing IMort did on April first, I've decided to really crack down and start work on getting Mort into that animated series I always promised him... ever since I stopped thinking I wanted to do the comic thing.

So, I've been contacting people about voice acting and rounding up a few volunteers who would be happy just to do it, and all that's going good and everything, but now I've hit a snag.

I told them each I'd get in touch with them once I got at least some of the script for the pilot written up. At that point, they could send in auditions, I could pick who I wanted to play whom, and we would go from there. So, the script has been the thing I've been trying to work up on and off all month.

But now I've come to a spot where I find myself unable to proceed. I know the basic plot of the episode and the conflict, but I don't know how I'm going to go about resolving it. It's a character-driven conflict centered around Mort's sidekick and best friend Chuck the Duck, so it needs to have a character-driven resolution centered around the same guy.

Thing is, I have no idea how I want to work in this resolution! I have no idea what kind of situation or circumstance I could use to bring about the end of the episode's main conflict. You can contact me for more details if you want to lend some brainstorming, but at the same time, no one knows Mort or Chuck like I do, and I don't want to make them do something that I feel, as characters, they wouldn't do.

On the one hand, I feel I can't figure this out without some outside input. On the other, I don't want to divulge too much or give writing privileges away to someone else. I kind of want this to be my thing, and there's sort of this fear of letting go. Like if I let someone in on too much, they'll either take over and make MORT! something I never intended it to be, or they'll drop contact with me, take my best ideas, and create their own thing, leaving me looking like the copycat when MORT! finally comes out.

Besides that, I really don't want to give somebody what will basically amount to a job without being able to pay them for their work. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to begin with, and on top of that, I don't know if I could live with myself, ripping off free labor from people.

Look, tl;dr, I seriously need a second set of eyes for this thing, but I have my hangups. I, however, probably won't be able to get anywhere without some big help.
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So BABSCon has come to pass, and with it came the end of Legends of Equestria's open-server weekend.

For those of you that attended the con, hope ya had a good time and got a chance to take a swing at LoE. As for me and probably half of the people on there, the game was enjoyed from the comfort of home.

Since I spent 3 days playing instead of a few hours like the last time, I've taken a few more screenshots to document the experience. So let's get right down to it, yeah?

First off is a pony who needs no introduction... But I'll introduce her anyway. Spear Mint here was sort of my avatar pony throughout the experience. I played as one or two others, but she was my main pony.

Among those other ponies I made and played, one was a Twilight Sparkle clone that I called Purple Smart. ...Didn't take long before I deleted her, so she's not pictured in the character creator.

Instead, here she is lying on her bed.

Moving on to Frozen Elsa (OMG S0 0R1G1N4L!). She was made to look like (and played as) Queen Elsa from Disney's Frozen because why not? Also, you guys need to go see Frozen if you've as of yet neglected to.

Tired of being grounded and unable to fly about, I decided I needed a pegasus pony to add to the mix. I had two unicorns already, and who really cares about Earth ponies anyway, am I right?

Thus, Wingdinger (name inspired by a thing :iconalomoria: drew) was born! I had a lot of fun with this guy, mostly flying around Cloudsdale while simultaneously dancing or sitting. That's one bug I'm going to miss...

But like I said, Spear was my main pony. So let's have some sightseeing pics. I tried to hit most of the major landmarks in Canterlot and Ponyville (I even took some in Cloudsdale and staged it to look like I fell through the clouds and couldn't actually explore to the city, but those screens mysteriously vanished. o_o), so let's check 'em out!

Sugarcube Corner

Golden Oaks Library

Carousel Boutique

Town Hall

That one joke shop

Canterlot Castle (waaay in the background, behind that hill.)

My favorite haunt was the Ponville Library though, so I took quite a few screenshots inside there.

Sleepy Spear in Twilight's bed. :aww:

Random dance parties were also a thing.

Of course, Legends of Equestria was a social game hosted during a social event, so I got my share of social interaction as well. And we all know the most important pony attending the open-server weekend was Mixermike622's own Fluffle Puff!

I didn't actually get to see more than a glimpse of her until the last day, but I took the opportunity to snap a pic with her as soon as I could.

Twice, in fact.

As it turns out, there was actually 5 Fluffle Puffs. My screenshots of all five of them also mysteriously disappeared, so here's one of 3/5 of them gathered around a pony named Chryssi.

Apparently, Fluffle Puff wasn't the only celeb pony to attend. Seems Sunset Shimmer found a way back from the human world of Equestria Girls just so she could make this event. She's so awesome! :D

And Vinyl Scratch was there too! But it looks like she lost her shades. ...Again.

This pony wasn't a celebrity; she's just an NPC who I fell in love with because she was blue, and her name was Tonic.

Tonic, she doesn't move!
Tonic, she'll talk to you!
Tonic, she's the cutest thing alive!
She's the cutest thing ali-ee-ive!

The game comes with some nice, fancy features... including a semi-functioning day/night cycle. Right now, the player has to manually change between day and night, but the difference between the two is pretty clear, almost as clear as... the contrast between two diametrically opposed things.

And now, witness the crowd of dancing ponies grow around Fluffle Puff as the last few minutes of the game ticked by...

If you look closely, you can see LittleShyFIM in the crowd. I was practically standing right next to him. :D

Now, being a beta, Legends of Equestria still wasn't perfect. There was the aforementioned "move-while-performing-a-stationary-emote" bug, as well as a few other nuggets.

Sadly, this was a screen I saw a lot over the weekend. It was probably a combination between my own dubious connection and the beta state of the servers. It's probably gonnabe a lot less frequent in the final release, but overall it wasn't too terribly annoying.

Then there's this little gem that came up once when I crashed and logged back into a server. No, you're not seeing double. That's an undoctored screenshot of Spear after the crash lying beside Spear before the crash. Can anypony say, "Time paradox?"

And that does it for my Legends of Equestria followup. All in all, I had a lot of fun playing the game. It's really impressive for a beta, and I can't imagine the final release being too far away at this point. :D

There were a few fun things I did that I didn't get a chance to document, like fighting off Diamond Dogs, getting killed by a dragon and RPing eating at a cafe as Spear, doing all that flying around as Wingdinger, and RPing looking for a book on ice magic as Elsa along with a very helpful stallion. But those were all things you'd have needed to see in action anyway.

So, that's the last thing I'll post about Legends of Equestria until the next open beta. I wanna thank you guys for putting up with my constant updates spamming your inboxes, and I do sincerely apologize for that. Next time, I've got a plan that will prevent such spam from happening again.

Until then, keep it icy chill. B-)
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EDIT: Pardon the spam. ^^;

Well. That's it. Game over, man.

I got a lotta screens this time around, so I'll post those sometime tomorrow.

For all those of you that showed, hope you had an awesome time. I know I did.

For those that didn't... I apologize once again for spamming you with this journal. ^^;

See you guys (in the LoE world) in the next open beta! :D
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Go check it out over on RedBubble. I've got a few designs up there, some of which you've seen in my dA gallery, some of which are brand new.

And if you like what you see, why not pick one up for yourself? I could really use the money! ^^;

Ooh also, if you're on RedBubble, and you have tees for sale, go ahead and link me to your shop in the comments. I'll definitely go and give your stuff a look. :)
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Hey guys, just a quick reminder that Legends of Equestria is opening up its servers to the public next weekend to correspond with the Bay City Area BABSCon. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- on April 18, 19 and 20 -- I'll be dedicating the weekend to hanging out in one of the servers with whoever of you guys shows up. Like I said before, I'll release more information the week of -- where to download the app, what my pony's gonna look like, and which server you can find me in -- but for now, just mark your calendars and remain on the edge of your seats.

Now I do have an 8-5 job that I'll most likely be working either Friday or Saturday, so if that's the case, I'll just be getting on after 6 PM US Central time on those days. I do have Sundays off though, so I'll have all day once I get back from church. :dance:

So. Next weekend. April 18-20. You. Me. Legends of Equestria. I'm thinking party. Hope to see you guys there! :D
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Hey, folks! Still dealing with power adapter problems, but I figured I'd take this opportunity to do a little "signal-boosting" as they say on tumblr.

The Fantastic Mr. Foxy-Noxy (not to be confused with the less-fantastic Fantastic Mr. Fox) has run into a little financial hiccup and needs some money by the end of April.

He's got an awesome style, great prices, and tons of variety for you to choose from. The only reason I'm not commissioning him myself is I'm still out of the job and broke. ^^;

Anyway, hit up his journal for more informations [link], and see what you can do to send a commission his way.

I'm pullin' for ya, Foxy. We're all in this together. :iconredgreenplz: