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Hey guys, just a quick reminder that Legends of Equestria is opening up its servers to the public next weekend to correspond with the Bay City Area BABSCon. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- on April 18, 19 and 20 -- I'll be dedicating the weekend to hanging out in one of the servers with whoever of you guys shows up. Like I said before, I'll release more information the week of -- where to download the app, what my pony's gonna look like, and which server you can find me in -- but for now, just mark your calendars and remain on the edge of your seats.

Now I do have an 8-5 job that I'll most likely be working either Friday or Saturday, so if that's the case, I'll just be getting on after 6 PM US Central time on those days. I do have Sundays off though, so I'll have all day once I get back from church. :dance:

So. Next weekend. April 18-20. You. Me. Legends of Equestria. I'm thinking party. Hope to see you guys there! :D
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Hey, folks! Still dealing with power adapter problems, but I figured I'd take this opportunity to do a little "signal-boosting" as they say on tumblr.

The Fantastic Mr. Foxy-Noxy (not to be confused with the less-fantastic Fantastic Mr. Fox) has run into a little financial hiccup and needs some money by the end of April.

He's got an awesome style, great prices, and tons of variety for you to choose from. The only reason I'm not commissioning him myself is I'm still out of the job and broke. ^^;

Anyway, hit up his journal for more informations [link], and see what you can do to send a commission his way.

I'm pullin' for ya, Foxy. We're all in this together. :iconredgreenplz:
Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know that I've got problems going on with the power adapter on my laptop that have been building up for weeks but have actually became proper problems just now. So, I'll be online until my battery dies. After that, I'monna take a little break for a while until I can get my power issues sorted out.

Wanted to give you guys a heads up. :)

UPDATE: Thought I had it fixed, but it's broke again now. Hiatus continues...
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...Huh. Weird how that works out.

Hello, watchers! I just got back from that new Liam Neeson movie Nonstop, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you have money for tickets, go to your local theater place and see this movie. It's an action murder mystery thriller thing, and it's supremely well-done. Or... in my opinion, anyway. A professional reviewer might say it was just "okay" or "pretty good." A professional reviewer, I am not. And neither am I here to review the movie. I just had to gush a little bit because I just got out of the theater and am still pumped from seeing it. :D

I also bring it up because I did some math while watching the movie, and I thought I'd share it with you guys, cause I'ma nerd.

If you haven't seen Nonstop, worry not. I shall stray from story spoilers. If you haven't seen the trailers, allow me to recap the general story.

Liam Neeson plays a federal air marshal whose job it is to prevent terrorists from hijacking planes and endangering their passengers. During one of his latest flights from New York to London, he's contacted by someone claiming they'll kill someone on the flight every 20 minutes unless he wires them $150 million. But things get interesting when the bank account they give him is in his name. So he's got to find out who it is that's doing this, put a stop to their plan and clear his good name before anything else goes wrong.

Now, they say in the movie that A.) the flight from New York to London takes 3 hours, B.) there are 150 people on the plane, C.) the killer will kill every 20 minutes, and D.) he or she will only kill one when they do.

So I decided to do the math and see how this plan would play out. 3 hours is 180 minutes (3 * 60 = 180). In that time, the killer would have the chance to kill only 9 times, since they only kill every 20 minutes (180/20 = 9). So taking all that into account, even if Liam Neeson doesn't agree to the killer's plan, only about 6% of the people on the plane would be affected (9/150 = .006)(.006 * 100 = 6%).

What does this all mean? Not a lot in the grand scheme of things. 6% is still a considerable loss. But if the terrorist wanted to do some serious damage, they'd have to do something a bit more drastic and cliche... like plant a bomb or something.

Anyway, I forget where I was going with that. But there ya go. I applied math to a movie while I watched it just for the fun of it. It didn't change the outcome of the movie or affect how much I enjoyed or how I thought about it. I just did it because I wanted to.

In the end, what have we learned? A.) Drewdini's a huuuuuuge nerd, and B.) You guys need to go see Nonstop.


It's awesome.

EDIT: Had to wait til morning to upload, because my internet crapped out on me. -.-
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For those of you that haven't heard, BABSCon is going on the weekend of April 18-20 down in the East Coast area. While that goes on, attendees are invited to play Legends of Equestria as the dev team once again opens up their servers.

Now though I'm not going to be attending BABSCon, the Legends of Equestria server will still be open to me... and all of you guys too! :D The dev team will be opening the servers for another free-to-the-public open beta test, and I intend to hop onto this party before it's almost over for once. :XD:

So if you guys wanna come hang out with me in the world of pony, keep an eye on this journal. I'll hit ya with more information once we get closer to the 18th of August.

Hope to see you guys there! :D
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Now that I've got the Very Important Pony catalogue up and running, allow me to further explain what I plan to do with such a catalogue.

First of all, I plan on including as many ponies as I can in it. I'm starting with the mane six and CMC, but I've got it open to suggestions as well. If you want to see a pony represented in the VIP catalogue, let me know in the comments here, in the comments there, in the comments anywhere, or send me a note. As long as it's a canon character and it's appeared in the show enough for me to get some good traces, I'll agree to do it. Coco Pommel was added to the list at the suggestion of :iconadamlhumphreys:, and with a simple comment or note, you can see your favorite pony represented as well! :D

As far as what I do with the ponies I'll be adding, I look up at least 2 different screencaps that I think are good representations of the character, interesting expressions... etc. Once I have the two, I add 'em to my reference folder so they can await vectorization. I don't attack these things in order, so don't be surprised if you don't see your suggested pony crop up immediately after you made the request. If I say I'll do that pony -- though it may take time for me to get to -- I will do that pony.

In general, the catalogue will feature only ponies who are traced from the show and only single ponies per entry. I could include entries like Cheerilee Does Not Want, but A) it's already part of its own series, and B) it runs the risk of complicating the organization system I already have in place. So one pony per deviation.

In the end, I plan to have two different and individual vectors for each pony in the catalogue, so Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike are all already taken care of.

Finally, before you make your suggestion, make sure to check the VIP catalogue folder to make sure they aren't on the list. I'll have right there in the description a list of included ponies and ponies I plan to include, as well as some way of indicating what I have and don't have done.

Thanks for reading, guys. Let's get this catalogue as expansive as possible! :D
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I don't understand legs, hips or butts.

So when it comes to drawing a person, I mostly try to cheat my way around it.

Doesn't help when I'm drawing a superhero character, and they wear those skin-tight spandex suits that leave no room for that cheating. Now, I can draw ladylegs just fine, but when it comes to dudelegs, I'm completely lost.

Basically what I'm saying here is I have a superhero version of Mort in my sketchbook, and if I don't figure this stuff out soon, he's gonna be a superhero with nothing below the belt. At all. :|

So... yeah. That's it, I guess.
I caved to the pressure and just recently stared reading it.

It's pretty good so far, I think. We'll see if I can get through the whole fic, knowing my history with novel-things. ^^;

So... meantime... no spoilers, plz. kthxbai!

EDIT: Reset the mood. That must've been confusing. ^^;
If you didn't make it, don't submit it.

That's how dA works.

There's been a few cases recently of people ripping off other people's works, and this seems to be the norm for at least 20% of deviantART. Look, it may look pretty, and you may think you're doing the artist a favor by giving their work more publicity, but they're not going to agree with you. And all you'll be getting is reported and potentially have your account deleted. Then you'll be sitting there wondering to yourself where it went wrong. I'll tell ya where it went wrong. You're not using dA the way it was meant to be used.

If you didn't make it, don't submit it.
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because my latest watcher AstriT316 told me to.

Comment here with a link to an OC of yours. He/she doesn't have to be a fan character based on any fandom; they could be completely original to you. Or they could not. It's whatever. Just comment, and I'll update this with every OC submitted.

Of course, the rules "officially" state you have to do this in your journal if you enter, but I'm not gonna enforce that too strictly. Just do whatever you want to. It's not like I'm gonna hunt you down and make you do this. :stare:

So... yeah. Comment away!

1. Foxy-Noxy's Foxy
Filly Foxy in a Robo Boxy by Foxy-Noxy...Great, thanks. by Foxy-NoxyArt by Foxy-Noxy
Since I sadly don't know the artist any better, it's safe for me to assume and establish as fact in my mind that Foxy is actually Foxy-Noxy's rule 63'd pony representation of himself. I mean from what I know of the guy, he likes foxes and boxes and soxes (not sure on the soxes). Exhibit A.

1. adamlhumphreys' Star Blaze
Star Blaze by adamlhumphreysBrony Fest Friends Forever by adamlhumphreys
Star Blaze is one of a handful of ponies Mr. Humphreys here was commissioned to conceptualize for Brony-Fest, a convention I myself did not attend. No surprise there. I haven't attended any brony conventions. ^^; Anyway, in order to over-simplify, she has a habit of tying things in knots including her mane and tail, and she's responsible (in the Brony-Fest universe, I suppose) for bringing the delicious Texas Star flower to Ponyville.
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Looks like they shut it down.

Have some screenshots! I meant to take more... :blush:

Of course, this one here was the one I used to show off my Spear Mint pony when I announced I was gonna be in the game. Nothing special, aside from the note that that other pony right there never moved or talked and was on there until they shut it down as far as I know.

Moved to Carousel Boutique. The trip across Ponyville was murder on my framerate, but once I got to the boutique, things calmed down. :) In this pic, I jokingly said I was looking for a special somepony, and this guy just comes and lies down next to me. He never said anything and eventually just walked off. Whatever, brony...

And a pic with some of the guys that hung out with me. They were pretty cool, but I wish you guys coulda been there too. :heart:

And that's it! Until next LoE open server bash everybody! :D
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If that strange abominable cross between Rarity and Applejack looks familiar, allow me to direct your attention to this piece I did back in 2012
Vector - My Little Rarities by Drewdini
You see it? Right there between Twilight and Fluttershy? No? Then allow me to zoom and enhance...
RQ: raritijack by Drewdini

Yep. Someone down in Mexico took my silly little cross between Applejack and Rarity (IMO the worst of the Rarity crosses I did that year) and decided they'd use it on their product packaging as an actual MLP pony rip-off thing.

Kinda hilarious, if you think about it.
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And that mathematician pony who checked her work should have his degree revoked. Seriously, you guys!

Okay, took me a while but the curiosity finally got the better of me. During the Failure Song from The Crystal Empire episodes from season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Twilight Sparkle shows off her intelligence by stating that "The square root of 546 is 23.36664289109."

"Wow!" I hear you cry. "She did all that in her head in no time at all. She's such a clever pony!" I could see why you would think that. Without checking the math myself, I believed she was right as well. "What do you mean?" You ask. "There was that college professor pony who did the math himself and declared, 'She is correct!' Clearly, Twilight got this one right. End of story."

Poor, misguided watcher... Allow me to walk you through how I came to discover the claim I'm so traitorously making now.

Moments ago, The Failure song popped up on my playlist, and I figured I'd give it a listen. It wasn't the worst song of the series by any stretch of the imagination, and it was good to hear Spike getting in on the musical action. But then Twilight got to the part where she sings, "Facts and figures, I recite with ease," before continuing to proudly recite the square root of 546. Now, most listeners would have just left it there and moved on. Surely, the team at DHX did the math themselves. That certainly sounds like the square root of 546, after all.

Well, my skeptical mind wasn't so sure. Even with Pony Professor backing her up, I couldn't believe purplepony was right until I'd done the math myself. So, I whipped out my computer's calculator and punched in 546 before hitting the ol' square root button, and what I saw shocked me.

The square root of 546 calculates to 23.36664289109585... probably repeating into infinity as an irrational number. Such is to be expected with square roots more often than not, after all.

"But wait!" I hear you cry. "I see 23.36664289109 in there. Twilight was correct! She just rounded it off at the 9 and left it at that."

Sure, that would be the case, and Twilight would still be the bright, intellectual pony she's considered today... if it wasn't for one little number. You see that five right after the nine? Right there, just minding its own business being a 5 and all? That 5 is where Twilight's statement falls apart.

Let me break it down for you. In the laws of rounding numbers, you consider the number after the one you want to round. If the number's 1-4, alright. No problem. You don't have to change a thing. If it's anything higher though, the number you're rounding has to increase by 1.

Now, I don't have a degree in mathematics, but I'm pretty sure 5 is greater than 4 (5 > 4 for you math-heads that want to see everything written out in equations and inequalities), which means little number 9 should be increased to 0, the 1 carried over to the number before it, and that 0 increased to 1, making the actual square root of 546 rounded to that place 23.36664289110.

The laws of rounding numbers are one of the earliest lessons taught in mathematics, relatively speaking. Once little children hit the division courses of the third grade, this little trick is shown to them to help keep their numbers all nice and neat. So where Twilight attempts to show off her mad mathematical skills, what she actually winds up doing is proving to everyone that she's forgotten basic third-grade principals! Who cares if you can calculate the square root of 546 in your head at the drop of a hat? If you don't round it off right, that second-and-a-half will be a waste of your time. The square root of 546 isn't 23.36664289109; it's 23.36664289110. Sure, I used a calculator to find that, but here's the thing -- I'm right. I rounded correctly. I'm smarter than an alicorn princess. Take that, Equestria!

And where does this leave the briefly-mentioned pony professor? Considering he himself did the math on a chalkboard and found no flaw in Twilight's calculation or her rounding method, I'd say that puts him in pretty deep water. He did the math. He wrote down the figures. He should have seen this faux-pas coming. Instead, he waves his chalk in the air and cries, "She is CORRECT!"

No, Professor Pony. No, she's not. And you no longer deserve that degree in mathematics. Why not give it to someone who actually knows how to round properly? The ponies of Equestria are only as smart as the ones teaching them, after all. And if the teaching staff is that dull, maybe Equestria's not the utopia we all thought it was.

But hey, that's just a theory. A Game Th-- Whoops. Channeling MatPat a little bit too much there. ^^;

tl;dr The square root of 546 is APPROXIMATELY 23.36664289110. Real math 1, Princess of Equestria 0.

As a side note, why did Twilight round the number to 13 places? That just seems like an odd place to round off to me.

EDIT: Related tune. Points if you know what this theme's to and what YouTube show I've been channeling while writing this journal entry. ;)
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That's an excellent question, random curious watcher who seems to always be asking me questions and I actually just made up in my head and doesn't actually exist at all. :O_o:

:cough: Let's find out. For this list, I'll only be looking at vectors I traced directly from a screenshot of MLP:FiM. No edits allowed outside of frankensteining to get a full-body pony.

VIP -- FlutterSerious by DrewdiniVIP -- FlutterStartled by Drewdini
VIP -- DWAAH! by DrewdiniVIP -- Spike Perplexed by Drewdini
VIP -- Rarity - WTF?! by DrewdiniVIP -- My Little Rarity by Drewdini
VIP -- Grumpy Dash by Drewdini
Cheerilee Does Not Want. by Drewdini

What, that's it? No Twilight, no Pinkie Pie, no Applejack or Apple Bloom or Scootaloo? This is something that must be rectified!

For the next week or so, I'm gonna seek out and trace interesting vectors for the rest of the Mane six and CMC (on the fence about whether to do normal Twi/Twilicorn and Pinkie/Pinkamena or not, but chances are I'll do one for each. :)). While I'm at it, if you comment with a pony who either is a major character in FiM, had at least one distinct speaking line in any episode, or is one of the fandom favorites, I'll go ahead and vector that pony too.

I'll call it my "Very Important Pony Catalogue."
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It's been a while since I played my Xbox 360, and I was starting to miss having it outside of storage. When I picked up a copy of Mass Effect 3 a week or so ago, I'd decided it was time to pull the ol' box out of the... box... and hook it back up again. Much to my surprise, the machine wasn't working. It would turn on, but three red lights flashed around the power button when it did. After doing some research, I found out that that was the signal that either the power adapter was on the blink (a relatively cheap fix) or the whole system was (not as cheap).

Hoping the cheapest solution was the right one, I did some browsing online to find a refurbed power brick for a mere $14. I didn't hesitate to click Buy, and it showed up later that week, no problem. The problem came when I realized Microsoft made three different jacks for their Xbox 360 power adapter, and my Xbox and the new power adapted featured two of the three. In other words, they were incompatible. But me being the resourceful type, I figured, "Hey, I'll just chop this head up a little bit, and it will fit in my system no problem! I was right. I got it to fit without any problem after going at it with a Dremel. The problem then became that apparently those two jacks were incompatible in more ways than shape.

So then I had another brilliant idea -- I would do a bit of soldering and attach the old head to the new brick and get things working lickety-split. Only problem there was I hadn't soldered anything before, so this was a whole new learning experience for me. I made it through alright and did a pretty decent job splicing the two units together considering it was my first time and all. I was able to get the Frankenstein setup in proper working order.

Imagine my disappointment then when -- after a few long, hard hours of taking things apart, putting things back together, and soldering stuff left and right -- I plugged it into my Xbox and the wall and got the same three red lights I got with the old brick. Fan-freaking-tastic! -.-

So, it's been about two weeks now, and I still have to fork over $18 more to get the proper power adapter shipped to me before I can even think about playing any of my games. But I guess I learned soldering and determined the real problem with my Xbox after all that, so... there's that, I guess.

Tl;dr My Xbox is giving me trouble, and I just wanna play some Mass Effect 3. :iconsadtardplz:
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Click here for a super-special secret sneak-peek at what I've got planned for this Halloween. :iconwooooplz:
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I've got my askbox open, and I'm dedicating the night to answering your questions! Stop on by and ask me a thing, why don'tcha?

And if you miss it tonight or can't think of a question until later, no worries. My askbox is always open, and I'll answer your things as soon as I get the chance. C:
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Well, happy New Year everybody. and Merry Christmas, because I missed that.

What does this year have in store for me? For you? For any of us?! Who knows? I'm gonna take it one day at a time and see what I get.

So, what's new in my life besides the new year? Well, I moved out of my apartment. I guess commission incentive wasn't strong enough to pay rent with, but it was kind of a last-ditched move of desperation anyway. It's funny how you can be so sure you're going to get a job and then just wind up... not getting it. Also, my premium membership ran out as of December.

Haha sorry. I swear, I didn't mean for this thing to be a major bummer. Sure, moving out kind of sucked, but trying and failing to get into the rat-race job market has given me more motivation than before to go back to school as soon as possible -- this spring, actually. It kind of feels like that's where God wants me to go, since every attempt I've made to do anything else has... well... fallen through. But school is a good -- nay, great -- idea, since my interest in a computer science/computer engineering/software engineering/anything that involves programming degree will be a very lucrative thing for me to follow -- especially considering the fact that someone in the government or something did a thing and projected that the highest-grossing career that's gonna grow the most over this year is software engineering. :D

As for the premium membership thing, I don't really notice much of a difference now that it's gone, so there's no hurry to renew it.

So... yeah. You guys have a happy 2014. I'm excited to see what's in store; are YOU?!
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Opening commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 27, 2013, 10:07 AM
Hey guys. Still don't have a job, but I need to make rent each month, so I've decided to open up and offer paid commissions to anyone that wants them.

Da Rules:

:bulletblue: Commissions will be on a first-pay-first-serve basis. There will be five slots each... commission period (Haven't figured out if that will be a week or a month yet...), and if more than five people ask for commissions, I'll work on only the first five that have paid. If a sixth person has paid, I'll refund their money, and they can try again next period.

:bulletblue: Payment will be through PayPal only. Sorry folks, but deviantART points don't exactly pay rent.

:bulletblue: Note me or comment here if you're interested in a commission. I'll note you back, and we'll work out the details. Once we reach an agreement on price, I'll send over my PayPal information, you can pay, and I'll get started.

:bulletblue: I don't do sexually explicit/suggestive stuff. If it's not safe for work or even questionable for work, I'd really rather you just take your request to someone else. I know :iconmegasweet: and :iconjoey-darkmeat: aren't afraid to get risque. No telling whether or not they're open for commissions right now, though...

:bulletblue: I'm in the US, so prices are gonnabe in USD. If you're outside the US, you'll need to do a little conversion to find out how much these cost in your monetary unit of choice.

:bulletblue: I'll do more than just MLP stuff. Ask for anything safe for work, and I'll give it my best shot. :)

:bulletblue: Any questions? Feel free to ask me in the comments or via note. I'd be happy to answer! :aww:

Those out of the way, let's get on to...

Commission prices

Basic sketch

Nothing too major. Just a pencil, some paper and a scanner.
COM: Nate-D by DrewdiniGIFT: A Very Hedgy Birthday by DrewdiniEWJ Comic Cover Sketch by Drewdini
$5USD per character, prop or background

Inked lines
I don't usually upload these sorts of things,
but here's a few examples I've sta.shed.
*All black lines
*Black lines/colored lines hybrid
*Colored lines
$10USD per character, prop or background

Full-color drawing
The whole banana.
Party Politics by DrewdiniPCOM: Kudzu by DrewdiniTrixie or Treat REDUX! by Drewdini
$15USD per character, prop or background


Color/ink your stuff?

Sure thing! You provide the sketch or ink work, I'll pretty it up for ya. ;)
Rainbow Girl COLORED by DrewdiniAll the Pretty Horses (colored) by DrewdiniBut Who Was Phone? COLORED by Drewdini
$5USD if you just want me to ink or just want me to color
$10USD if you want me to do both

Happy commissioning, guys! :D

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